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Equator Audio Monitors Used in ‘American Idol’ Recording Session

Francis Buckley, a recording engineer/mixer for the American Idol Ford music videos, invited Equator Audio Research president Ted Keffalo to bring a pair of the company’s Q12 monitors to an American Idol recording session at The Record Plant in Hollywood.

The session involved six American Idol finalists, vocal coach Debra Bird, and producers Scott and Roger Wojahn. The finalists each recorded vocal tracks for “Everybody Wants You” (Billy Squier), “Paint It Black” (the Rolling Stones) and “You Really Got Me” (The Kinks).

According to Keffalo, midway through the first song, Buckley switched from The Record Plant’s main monitors, soffit-mounted Ausbergers, to the Equator Audio Q12s and was never asked to switch back to the Ausbergers.

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