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ESPN Uses Ultrasone Headsets for “Monday Night Football”

Ultrasone of America’s HSD-700 headsets will be used in ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcasts. ESPN Remote Operations Project Manager Ron Scalise purchased these headsets specifically for Monday Night Football because of their performance and because of the look that they bring to the talent’s appearance on camera. Ultrasone headphones have also been used in the broadcasts of marquee events such as The Super Bowl, The Final Four and the Grammy Awards show.

“It is gratifying to know that the top TV producers in the world, who can choose any headset they want, are choosing Ultrasones for their most critical listening assignments,” says Cathy Kelly, president of Ultrasone of America. “They have told me the dramatically reduced fatigue factor and the surround-sound experience keeps the talent fresh and interested, allowing for a much better presentation and a much better show.”

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