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Euphonix Consoles to Broadcast Presidential Election Coverage

A Euphonix System 5 at KNBC studios in Los Angeles

Several broadcasters in the U.S. and abroad will cover the 2008 presidential election results using Euphonix System 5-B and Max Air digital audio mixing systems. The broadcast consoles offer 100-percent on-air redundancy for the DSP, surface components and router.

Euphonix’ high-profile domestic clients include WFXT in Boston, WJZ-TV in Baltimore, WFAA and KTVT in Dallas/Fort Worth, and KOMO TV of Seattle. Super Tuesday will be a first for Los Angeles’ Fox 11 and UPN 13, as they launch two newly installed Euphonix System 5-B consoles when their new state-of-the-art HD studios go online for the first time.

It will be the duty of international Euphonix clients such as Australian Broadcast Company (ABC), China’s CCTV and Canada’s CBC to broadcast election night results to the rest of the world.

Additionally, CNN and Fox News will both use Euphonix’ broadcast consoles to carry the event. CNN has a total of 14 Euphonix consoles installed in its facilities in Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York City and Los Angeles facilities, and will simultaneously broadcast the evening’s events.

“As any broadcaster will tell you, one of the heaviest demands on a TV station is always a national election, when the need for resources is at its peak.” explains Mike Franklin, Euphonix’ executive VP of worldwide sales. “These events are completely unpredictable. What makes the Euphonix so invaluable is its flexible architecture, which provides complete and immediate accessibility to all audio feeds, allowing the engineer to literally put anything, anywhere at a moment’s notice.

“The night’s coverage will be completely spontaneous.” Franklin concludes. “As news breaks, the feed could switch from Lou Dodd in Washington, to the local affiliate in Dallas, and then over to Larry King Live in L.A. You can’t predict how the evening will unfold, but rest assured from the first vote cast to the winning candidate’s victory speech, Euphonix will be broadcasting it all.”

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