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Euphonix Updates S5 Fusion Digital Audio Mixing System

Euphonix announces new options for the S5 Fusion digital audio mixing system package, including a new SP663 DSP card for higher channel counts and a wider range of control surface options. The S5 Fusion Digital Audio Mixing System package with DAW Control was first introduced in 2007 and is derived from Euphonix’ System 5 Series.

S5 Fusion is a complete professional mixing package that provides a fusion of Euphonix’ new processing DSP engine with EuCon Hybrid, a technology that allows the console surface to control its own DSP channels as well as channels from multiple external DAWs simultaneously. New control surface options allow up to 56 faders in 5-, 7- or 9-foot frames, and it is now possible to add the 403 PEC/DIRECT film-monitoring modules, and a 402 submaster central assign module.

The S5 Fusion has a cost-effective and compact back end, combining the studio computer, DSP cards with MADI I/O, EuCon Hybrid DAW control, machine control and monitoring all in one six-rackspace unit. The new SP663 DSP cards increase the channel count to more than 100 channels at 48 kHz and the system can also be run at 96 kHz with 50-percent fewer channels.

For more information, visit Euphonix’ S5 Fusion page.