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Eventide Announces Anthology II Limited Time Upgrade Offer

Eventide’s special Anthology II upgrade offer for Eventide plug-in users will once again be available through September 23, 2006. The upgrade program affords Anthology owners the chance to upgrade to Anthology II for $249 (regularly $299). Clockworks Legacy owners may upgrade to Anthology II for $429 (regularly $499), and any MassivePack, Octavox, Eventide Reverb or H3000 Band Delays owner may upgrade to Anthology II for $699 (regularly $799).

Anthology II ($1,195) features 15 plug-ins, adding six new plug-ins to the Anthology bundle: two 48-bit double-precision vintage equalizers, EQ65 Filter Set and EQ45 Parametric Equalizer; two new configurable channel strips, Ultra-Channel and E-Channel; Precision Time Align provides the ability to bring individual tracks into phase; and Quadravox, a 4-voice diatonic pitch shifter with delays.

Anthology II also includes the latest versions of the nine plug-ins that comprised the original best-selling Anthology bundle: H910, H949, Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger, Omnipressor, Eventide Reverb, Octavox, H3000 Band Delays and H3000 Factory. Like Anthology, Anthology II is fully compliant with ICON, D-Control, D-Command, VENUE and Pro Tools 7.2, and is compatible with Macs and PCs.

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