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FCC Extends ‘White Spaces’ Comment Period to October 31

Carl L. Cordes, general manager of Professional Wireless, submitted the following information about the FCC’s extension of its original October 27 deadline for public comments on ‘white spaces’ concerns:

“It appears the meeting will be in DC instead of Nashville. [Click here to download the FCC’s official meeting agenda for the open meeting on ‘white spaces’ issues to be held on Tuesday, November 4.]

“Also, the period to comment on the TV White Spaces docket 04-186 has been extended to 5:30 p.m. ET October 31, 2008. If you or anyone you know has not commented and want to, go to and click on ECFX Express File Comments on the left side of the page. On the next page, select the TV White Spaces docket and click ‘continue’ to complete your comments for the public record. Essentially, the Commission needs to delay deciding until after the DTV transition. Any issues with the broadcast transition need to be addressed before new devices are let loose on the airwaves. The success of DTV is a real need, while the new ‘white space’ devices are only neat gadgets that do not fill a void and will not offer economic stimulus in these belt-tightening times. Conversely, allowing them could create severe economic impact on multiple levels including entertainment, food services, lodging and travel. This would be the cascade effect of a venue unable to provide quality audio performances. (Describe in your own words.)”