FiberPlex Announces New LightViper Remote Control Software Program


FiberPlex Inc. announces the release of its new LightViper YamMon software (download; $59.95) program, which is designed to allow users of non-Yamaha audio production consoles to be able to remotely control Yamaha’s AD8HR digital microphone preamplifiers from a laptop computer. When used in conjunction with the LightViper 4832 system, the YamMon software provides a remote control solution for Yamaha AD8HR preamps.

The software allows users to control up to 255 AD8HR mic preamp channels from a PC (the company says a Mac OS version will be announced soon). The remote control works via Yamaha RS422 control protocol. Software controls include individual phantom power on/off; highpass filter in/out and roll-off frequency; individual channel level control in 1dB steps; trim in 0.1dB steps; word clock settings (internal, external, 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz); real-time metering of eight channels at a time; “copy all” functions that allow one preamp configuration to be copied to other preamps; preamp and individual channel labels; and save and recall of all configurations.

A free demonstration copy of the program (single-channel only) is available and may be downloaded from FiberPlex's Website for a limited time.

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