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Fink Analog Audio CS2-FA Tube Channel Strip

Fink Analog Audio of Warwick, N.Y., announces that it has begun shipping its CS2-FA Tube Channel Strip ($3,999 street price). Designed by former UREI and Universal Audio engineer Dennis Fink, and unveiled at AES 2009, this dual-channel unit has a Class-A design that combines three-tube, vintage Putnam-style preamps (with continuous gain and level controls); 3-band Pultec EQP-1A-style passive equalizers with semi-parametric midrange; and a two-tube implementation of the 1176 limiter that retains the original character and discrete transistor control of the FET attenuator. A few additions to the limiter circuit include a soft knee setting and a switch that duplicates the effect of the 1176’s popular “three-button-push” mode.

The CS2-FA’s limiter section is linkable for stereo or dual-mono applications. Other features include switchable mic/line inputs; front-panel high-impedance direct inputs; transformer balanced I/Os; and a bandwidth that’s ±1dB out to 50 kHz. Besides its functions during tracking and/or overdub sessions, the CS2-FA is equally at home as a stereo bus compressor when mixing or when used as an analog stereo mastering processor.

The CS2-FA is designed and built in the U.S. using top-end components, including Cinemag I/O transformers, Sifam meters, JJ vacuum tubes, Wima capacitors, Electroswitch switches, Bourns potentiometers, Neutrik connectors, Mogami coaxial cabling and a heavy-duty internal power supply that uses a large Avery Magnetics toroidal transformer.

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