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FogoLabs Re-Creates Cowboy Junkies Album

Production/post-production facility FogoLabs selected Holophone’s H2-PRO surround mic to capture audio for an upcoming HD concert DVD, a re-creation of the Cowboy Junkies’ performance at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto, Ontario. Originally recorded in 1987, much of the Cowboy Junkies’ Trinity Session was recorded in one day with one microphone. The new project, scheduled for release in spring 2007, features the Cowboy Junkies with guest performances by Natalie Merchant, Ryan Adams and Vic Chestnut. It was filmed in HDCAM SR and recorded at 24-bit/96kHz.

“To be faithful to fans of the album, I wanted to use one mic as the basis to record the band, as was done back in the day,” says producer/engineer Francois Lamoureux. “We are in the surround generation now, and the choice of surround microphone was easy. I selected Holophone’s H2-PRO because you are able to realistically capture 7.1 channels of audio with minimal setup.”

Instead of placing the mic in the center, as was done in the original recording, FogoLabs placed the surround mic a little off to the side near the drum section. Additional Shure mics, mostly from the KSM Series, were placed close to each instrument to supplement the sound picked up by the H2-PRO.

One of the major obstacles in recording in the church was selecting a location where the reverb did not interfere with the recording. The FogoLabs crew moved the entire setup to a slightly different spot than was used in the original recording, resulting in a reverb that was more flattering. The multiple mic capsules and elliptical shape of the H2-PRO were able to capture the full sound that the space provided.

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