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Fulcrum Acoustic Ships US221 Subwoofer

Fulcrum Acoustic, an audio technology company in the professional sound reinforcement market, with offices in Rochester, N.Y. and Linwood, Mass., announces the debut of its new dual 21-inch US221 subwoofer (price TBA). The ultra-compact, direct radiating subwoofer is designed with 6-inch voice coils and low-turbulence ports coupled with especially rigid cones that allow the pair of woofers to handle 4,000 watts of long-term power.

The US221 promises high impact clarity and solid musicality in an enclosure that is smaller than most dual 18-inch subwoofers on the market. Measuring 22.4×35.1×30 inches (HxWxD) and weighing 177 pounds, the US221 is suited for live performance venues, nightclubs, A/V screening rooms, and for low frequency effects in theme parks, as well as for under stage and small-cavity applications.

According to Fulcrum Acoustic, an innovative approach to routing the 18mm Baltic birch plywood makes it possible for the dual 21-inch woofers to nest perfectly inside the compact enclosure. Targeted areas within the enclosure are designed so that space is maximized without affecting performance of the subwoofer or the integrity of the enclosure. “The net result is a subwoofer that provides low frequencies with a very authoritative character in a package that is less than half the size and weight of most competitive products on the market,” says David Gunness, chief technology officer at Fulcrum Acoustic.

A unique attention to design and performance are the low-turbulence ports and the vibration isolators. The low-turbulence ports are constructed of curved plywood and its design makes use of all available frontal area, minimizes turbulence, and smoothly guides the air flow around the woofers’ 20kg magnet structures. The supplied vibration isolators are medical-grade, constructed of high-compliance neoprene, and are more effective than conventional loudspeaker feet.

For applications that require ground stacking, the supplied vibration isolators may be threaded into any four of the sixteen available M10 mounting points to prevent “walking.” When stacking enclosures, the vibration isolators nest in recesses surrounding the mounting points in the cabinet below.

The US221 dual 21-inch subwoofer is now shipping. To place an order, consult your local manufacturer’s sales representative.

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