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Furman Sound, Utah Scientific Bring AC Power Conditioning to NAB

Furman Sound announced that it has partnered with Utah Scientific at NAB2005 to position its products for the broadcast market.

Furman Sound announced that it has partnered with Utah Scientific at NAB2005 to position its products for the broadcast market. The company will be demonstrating a range of products, including the new P-8 and PL-8 Pro Series II power conditioners and the new AR-15 voltage regulator/power conditioner, with Utah routers at the Utah Scientific booth (#C5610) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 18-21.

“Broadcasters invest enormous amounts of money in the latest advanced equipment for processing and distributing video, and the last thing they need is poor performance and signal degradation due to power issues,” said James Bonfiglio, president and CEO of Furman Sound. “We made our name in the audio world by eliminating power issues at live performances and in studio recording environments. We’re using the same technologies to help broadcast and video professionals protect their equipment and eliminate interference so they maintain pristine signal quality throughout their operations.”

Both the P-8 Pro and PL-8 Pro Series II units offer superior AC line noise filtering and advanced protection in a cost-effective one rackspce unit package. The P-8 Pro Series II is a single rackspace unit, 20-amp power conditioner that includes Furman’s advanced Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) filtration and protection circuitry. The PL-8 Pro Series II is another in a series of the company’s pull out light tubes and features long-lasting LED lamps for front rack illumination.

The 15-amp AR-15 delivers a stable 120 volts of AC power to protect equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities such as sags, brownouts or over-voltages, which can cause sensitive electronic equipment to malfunction or sustain damage. The AR-15 accepts any input voltage from 97 V to 141 V and transforms it to a constant 120 V (±5 V). Additionally, the AR-15 is the only regulator available that filters and purifies AC power, reducing line noise and ensuring optimum performance.

In addition to the new products, Furman Sound will show a range of established power products, including power conditioners, voltage regulators, sequencers, balanced power units and an uninterruptible power supply.

“We will be using Furman AC power systems in our demo room at the office, with our demo gear on the road and in our trade show demonstrations,” said Tom Harmon, president of Utah Scientific. “We never know what the power conditions might be when we set up at a new location, but with the Furman equipment, we really don’t have to worry about it. It will be a significant benefit to have these units and we are pleased to be able to demonstrate them to our customers.”

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