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FutureVideo Announces the Audio iExpander

FutureVideo Products has unveiled its Audio iExpander adapter product line for expanding the number of auxiliary audio inputs in a vehicle’s stereo system. The Audio iExpander is designed to allow up to three different portable stereo audio signal sources—such as an MP3 player, satellite receiver, PDA’s or portable GPS navigation unit—to be safely connected at the same time without harming the portable electronic devices’ output circuitry.

These adapters make it possible to connect multiple sources without having to plug and unplug each device every time another device is to be used. The iExpander’s output connects directly to the car’s sound system’s single auxiliary input or to a mobile FM transmitter/cassette tape adapter. The Audio iExpander lets users self-install extra auxiliary inputs for the additional source devices. The iExpander’s impedance matching circuitry allows for proper isolation and permits multiple sources to be connected without harming or shorting the devices’ headphone outputs, which would occur when using a conventional “Y” adapter.

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