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Gary Mraz Joins Muse Research as Director of Sales

Muse Research Inc. in Menlo Park, Calif. announced that Gary Mraz (pictured) of Los Angeles has joined the company as its director of sales.

Mraz has an extensive résumé as an entrepreneur, educator, composer and salesperson, having worked at Westlake Audio and Audio Engineering Associates, and taught recording arts at several community colleges. According to the company, Mraz’ diverse background will help build on the 50-percent growth that the Receptor platform achieved last year.

“Receptor is a product whose time has come,” Mraz says. “Combined with Native Instruments’ Komplete, the new model of Receptor is a monster right out of the box. With the stunning quality of software like Ivory, Atmosphere, OPX and a ton of other amazing programs, dedicated hardware keyboards, sound modules and outboard processing gear [are] fast becoming obsolete. Receptor provides a high-performance, dedicated home for favorite plug-in software. As such, it makes total sense given the fast rate of change of computers and their operating systems, which inevitably makes achieving a stable platform for your virtual instruments a challenge. I’m looking forward to working with the staff at Muse Research to help Receptor achieve even greater success and inspire musicians around the world.”

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