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Gear Expo Nashville 2014 on September 27

Herb Trawick (left) and Dave Pensado are pictured at 2013’s Gear Expo.

The second annual Gear Expo will be held Saturday, September 27, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Nashville’s Berry Hill neighborhood at 2826 Dogwood Place, Nashville, 37204. Known as “Nashville’s Pro Audio Block Party”, this event is a creation of Pensado’s Place, the acclaimed weekly educational Web series, in conjunction with Vintage King Audio, a leader in professional audio sales, studio consulting and comprehensive gear servicing.

Attendees will once again be able to demo gear, talk directly with manufacturer reps, watch live interviews, mingle with celebrity guests, ride the Gear Expo tour bus, win prizes, enjoy local food trucks and meet Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick of Pensado’s Place. Other Gear Expo staff members include Shevy Shovlin, Gear Expo producer and chief marketing partner, and sales and advertising for Headroom for Days; Chad Evans, Gear Expo co-producer and Vintage King Nashville national sales rep; and Stephanie “Spitfire” Willis, Gear Expo co-producer.

Special guests who are anticipated to attend include John McBride, Jacquire King, Ryan Hewitt, Chuck Ainlay, Rob Burrell, Kuk Harrell, Leslie Braithwaite, Justin Niebank, Jenine Civil, Vance Powell, plus more. Nashville-based fashion legend Manuel (known as “Tailor to the Stars”) will also be displaying offerings from his custom clothing line.

The official Pensado Express will take visitors back and forth to Blackbird Studio all day long. As one of Vintage King’s biggest supporters, Blackbird has hosted historic sessions with artists such as Neil Young, the White Stripes, Bruce Springsteen and more. Giving guests another opportunity to check out new and vintage gear hard at work, partygoers will be able to see John and Martina McBride’s studio.

“Once again, Dave and I, along with Vintage King, are raising the bar and bringing to Nashville the biggest, blow-the-doors-off, pro audio block party that Music City has ever seen,” says Trawick, Gear Expo executive producer. “Of course we could not hold such an event without the help and support of our loyal sponsors, each of which is a leader in their field, and together we are going to have a blast while providing hands-on educational information and demonstrations that you cannot find any where else.”

The list of title sponsors includes Audio-Technica, Avid, The Blackbird Academy, Chandler Limited, Rupert Neve Designs, M1 Distribution, sE Electronics, Genelec, Gobbler, iZotope, Moog, Neumann, Triad-Orbit, Recording Connection, Electric Thunder Studios, G-Technology, Slate Media Technology, Studio 202, Ultimate Ears, Vintage King and the Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing.

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