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Gefen Introduces USB-400 FO USB 2 Fiber Optic Extender

At the 123rd AES Convention in New York City, Gefen introduced a new fiber optics-based extender that delivers multiple high-speed USB 2 peripherals over long distances, enabling a remote workstation capable of accessing a computer from up to 1,640 feet away.

The Gefen USB-400 FO extender provides a high-bandwidth method of extending up to four USB 2 devices, including printers, keyboard/mouse, hard drives and DVD burners, enabling complete connectivity even when operating remotely in the field.

The USB-400 FO is recommended for professional applications as it promises complete invulnerability to electromagnetic and radio signal interference.

The Gefen USB-400 FO extender is designed to be simple to install and use. It operates through a sender/receiver system, with the sender connecting to the source computer, and the receiver—a 4-port USB 2 hub—connecting to the remote USB devices. Two cost-effective, 2-strand multimode LC-LC fiber-optics cables connect local and remote locations; both sender and receiver are individually powered.

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