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GenAudio Debuts ‘Deprived’ at E3 Expo

GenAudio Inc., headquartered in Englewood, Colo., brings to the videogame industry a new audio technology promising the most immersive and intensive audio experience during game play ever heard. AstoundSound is the first technology to truly enable a four-dimensional or 4-D soundscape experience, placing sounds around the game player, so that the player cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is virtual.

Gamers will experience sound coming from every possible direction, with distance perception from above, below and behind the player, using any two speakers or headphones, and requires no special hardware. Debuting at the E3 Expo this week, the technology also is fully compatible with all surround sound presentation formats.

For a live demonstration of AstoundSound Gaming and other astounding product offerings, visit booth #2636 during the E3 Expo.

“We are previewing our state-of-the-art audio technology, AstoundSound Gaming, after 18 years of continuous research and six years of both business and software development. This has been a vision of mine since prior to forming the company, and during that time I had invented the AstoundSound technology by modeling how the brain perceives sound,” says Jerry Mahabub, chairman and CEO of GenAudio. “In conjunction with our software development partner, Diesel Games, the technology has evolved beyond our expectations. We can now process up to 64 distinct sound sources simultaneously using AstoundSound Gaming in real time during game play. We have developed product offerings for both consumers and game developers alike, setting the stage for an audio revolution for PC, Mac and console games.”

“After listening to a demo of the technology more than three years ago, we felt compelled to work with GenAudio to find a solution that would bring this technology to the gaming world. We believe that both gamers and game developers have long waited for such a remarkable audio breakthrough,” says Kevin Wooten, CEO of Diesel Games.

Alongside its Deprived gaming environment and AstoundSoundExpander Version 2.1, GenAudio will demonstrate two additional product offerings at E3. GenAudio has just launched Version 2.1 of its revolutionary AstoundSound Expander software for Mac and PC, with new features such as preset listening modes for music, movies and games.

In addition, it will demonstrate professional audio plug-ins that are being used today for new album releases, blockbuster film titles, and for processing background music, soundscape prototyping and cut-scenes for videogames.

“We are very excited to see AstoundSound Expander made available to both the Mac and Windows community, so that all audio from all applications can take advantage of our breakthrough technology,” says Gary Smith, senior vice president of software engineering at GenAudio. “We are working to provide even more capability for Expander, as well as launching a new consumer-based gaming product based on AstoundSound Gaming technology by the end of this summer.”

A 30-day free trial is available, and customers can receive a discounted price the sooner they purchase AstoundSound Expander Version 2.1 software within the trial period, ranging from a $15 discount during the first week to a $5 discount the third week. The full price is $39.95. The free trial, customer testimonials and additional details about how the technology works are available at, a new Website launched in tandem with the release of this software.