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Genelec Launches SE DSP Monitoring System, AD9200A A/D Converter

At the 123rd AES Convention, Genelec introduced the SE (Small Environment) DSP Monitoring System ($TBA), which is designed to solve acoustic problems that are associated with small recording and mixing environments. Genelec recommends the SE DSP Monitoring System for near-field monitoring, mobile/location recording, digital audio workstations, broadcast and TV control rooms, surround sound systems, personal studios and multimedia applications.

The SE DSP Monitoring System combines the new SE7261A 10-inch DSP subwoofer with 8130A digital-input active monitors (with 5-inch bass drivers and ¾-inch tweeters) for easy configuration as a sub-assisted stereo or multichannel reference system. The SE7261A DSP subwoofer provides all necessary network connections to the host computer and supplies DSP resources through its highpass AES digital outputs to the 8130A’s.

The system also features new AutoCal GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) SE software, providing a graphic interface designed to help speed users through system setup and complete acoustic calibration.

The new SE7261A active DSP subwoofer includes 8-channel AES/EBU bass management; four notch filters plus bass roll-off applied to sub channels; and AutoPhase sub integration.

The 8-channel highpass outputs to 8130A each have two notch filters, time-of-flight compensation, level alignment and video display delay compensation. The subwoofer’s stated frequency response is 19 to 120 Hz.

In direct response to customers who wish to interface conventional analog monitoring sections to Genelec DSP and SE DSP systems, Genelec announced the AD9200A ($1,000) 8-channel A/D converter. The AD9200A features 8-channel balanced analog input delivered via a 25-pin DB-25 connector wired to the Tascam/Pro Tools “industry standard” pin-out. Digital output comprises four XLR connectors, each carrying two channels of AES/EBU audio. The AD9200A converter outputs AES3 format at 24-bit/192kHz.

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