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George S. Clinton Masters Soundtrack Album at Bernie Grundman’s

Mastering engineer Patricia Sullivan FourStar (left) and composer George S. Clinton at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Photo by David Goggin.

Versatile film composer George S. Clinton recently mastered the soundtrack album for Code Name: The Cleaner with engineer Patricia Sullivan FourStar at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Directed by Les Mayfield and starring Cedric the Entertainer, Lucy Liu, and Nicollette Sheridan, the film portrays an amnesiac janitor who is duped into thinking he is an undercover agent, and is subconsciously carrying a secret that can link the FBI with an arms scandal.

George S. Clinton’s film work includes all three Austin Powers movies, Big Momma’s House and Scary Movie 2, as well as Zalman King’s Showtime TV anthology, The Red Shoe Diaries. His songs have been recorded by such artists as Michael Jackson, Joe Cocker, Johnny Mathis and Smokey Robinson.

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