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Glyph Introduces Two-Drive Rack Kit

Glyph Technologies introduced the new GT Series two-drive rack kit at the 2007 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif. The kit is designed to mount any two of Glyph’s GT Series tabletops using a single rackspace, including the GT 050, GT 050Q, GT 051 and the new GT 062. It will also work with future members of the GT Series, such as FireWire 800 versions of the GT 051.

The kit reflects Glyph’s effort to fit two 8.6-inch tabletop drives in a 17.75-inch width. It includes two rack ears, each one connecting to the outside of a tabletop drive with three screws. Also included are two metal plates that connect to the inside of each drive, held in with four screws each. Finally, the two metal plates are connected together with four screws, which sandwich the two drive enclosures together.

Made of heavy grade steel, the rack kit is extremely durable and designed to hold the weight of Glyph’s all-metal drive construction. It has a black powder-coat finish that matches all GT Series drive products. Because all GT Series tabletops have the same mounting hole locations, the rack kit can be used to mount any two GT Series models for many fixed-mount and hot-swappable drive combinations, using only a single rackspace.

GT Series enclosures are covered under warranty for three years. Hard drives come standard with an additional Overnight Advance Replacement warranty in the first year.

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