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Gratis Music Introduces Digital Production Music Library

The Gratis Music library offers digital production music from top composers, such as Jerrold W. Lambert, Harry Manfredini, Richard Band, Jonathan Grossman, Joey Carbone, Jamie Green, Arlon Ober, Alex Fouquet, Robert Douglas, Ron Jones, Brad Dutz and Ory Chalk. The “Gratis Music” name stems from the fact that the company doesn’t sell CDs to its customers, instead providing access to tracks through its Website, hard drives, mSoft servers and personal servers.

Gratis Music’s database and master tracks are housed by mSoft, whose engine drives the search portion of Gratis Music’s Website, which is available to all mSoft subscribers through in-house mSoft servers. Recently, Gratis also began offering its collections on hard drives, using mSoft’s RESLP technology for quick database searches, while previewing/transferring cues directly to their desktop in 48kHz WAV files instantly from the local hard drive.

A variety of blanket and per-use plans are offered to fit user needs. For more information, visit