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Graywave Launches Free Daily Music Lessons for Students

Graywave, based in Haddon Heights, N.J., and its founder Walt Ribeiro, have launched Your Daily Music Lesson with Walt, a daily video lesson that is broadcast to classrooms, enabling students around the world to have free music lessons. The lessons are supported by advertisers, who provide links to their products.

The lessons appear every weekday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time as live, interactive streaming video at and Ribeiro covers music theory, guitar chords, sight reading, production and more, complete with a white board, students, handouts, interaction, and so on.

Reportedly, the show has already been viewed by more than 18,000 students since its launch in the beginning of March. Every topic covered throughout the day is archived.

Every day, Ribeiro teaches a new subject, but the class topic is open all day, so students can join in on the chat and contact Ribeiro via Skype, in real time, with questions. Ribeiro posts a set schedule outlining which topics will be discussed in the days to come. For example, if the majority of viewers ask to work on sight reading, then Ribeiro will fit that into his schedule.

“I set out to do something about the situation of music today,” Ribeiro says. “For example, the guitar is more popular today than ever before, but music classes are becoming less frequent in schools, and if [they’re] available, [they are] costly to sign up for and time-consuming to attend. Static videos are good for static information, but they’re not interactive.”

Ribeiro is a graduate of Philadelphia’s University of the Arts in music composition, and has taught hundreds of guitar and piano students.

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