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Green Glue Company Offers Soundproofing Solution

The Green Glue Company in Fargo, N.D., is offering Green Glue, “an eco-friendly viscoelastic compound used between layers of drywall to ensure best-in-class soundproofing at the lowest cost among competing products.” The company is marketing its product primarily for home entertainment and home theater systems.

According to the company’s co-founder, Brian Ravnaas, soundproofing an entertainment room can be achieved by either tearing out the existing drywall during a renovation, or, more practically, with Green Glue’s solution by adding to the existing wall, ceiling or floor surfaces.

The company states: “Typically, drywall will register a STC level (or Sound Transmission Class, the industry benchmark to measure the degree to which a wall can stop sound transmission) of 33-36. Just by adding Green Glue with another layer of drywall to an existing wall will decrease the sound transmission by up to 90 percent; using Green Glue on both the floors and ceiling will dissipate sound energy even further.”

Says Ravnaas, “The higher the STC level, the lower the amount of sound transmission and the quieter the room. Not only will one application of Green Glue on an existing wall lead to an STC of 45 or higher, it also is the most effective noise proofing solution on the market at dissipating low frequency bass sounds, most commonly emitted from loud music and other noise pollutants.”

The company estimates that soundproofing an average 20×20-foot entertainment room with Green Glue would cost roughly $350, in addition to the cost of drywall.

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