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Guitar Center to Sell Limited-Edition MV-8800 Units on February 28

On Thursday, February 28, Guitar Center in Hollywood will sell eight units of its exclusive Roland RZA/Forat Custom MV-8800 production studio, which was co-designed by Bruce Forat of Forat Music and Electronics in Studio City, Calif., and RZA, producer/founder of multi-Platinum hip-hop trailblazers Wu-Tang Clan. The Roland RZA/Forat Custom MV-8800 also features original artwork by Forat and RZA, in a hand-painted pattern that is familiar to fans of the Wu-Tang Clan, with its nod to the “8 Diagrams” of the I Ching. The eight RZA/Forat machines are priced at $5,999/each.

“RZA was very involved in every aspect of the creation and design of Guitar Center’s Roland RZA/Forat Custom MV8800,” said Tony Baraz, Guitar Center’s Hi-Tech Custom Shop project manager. “That’s why we wanted to offer the buyers of the eight units the opportunity to be personally tutored by RZA. His personal involvement with the buyers, along with custom work by a legend like Bruce Forat, really make this machine a once-in-a-lifetime buy for music makers.”

“The public will be able to buy these and keep these,” says RZA, “and we become part of two different histories. One, Forat; I think what he’s doing for hip-hop machines is legendary. I mean, it’s original and he’s going down in history as a legend for that. I’m glad that we’re doing this campaign right here, ‘cause this is bong.”

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