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Hampton-Adair Produces Music for Comedy Central Series

Hampton-Adair Music is currently providing original music production services for Comedy Central’s new series, Dog Bites Man, from producer Dan Mazur. Composers Steve Hampton and John Adair wrote the series’ main title theme and also created music used during the show.

Dog Bites Man features a group of improvisational actors who pose as members of a news crew from a fictional television station in Spokane, Wash. The cast ventures out into the field where they stage encounters with real people while purporting to develop news stories.

The show’s main title theme is a parody of the bombastic music featured on local TV news shows. “It’s very newsy and self important,” explained Hampton-Adair executive producer Brad Hamilton.

In keeping with the show’s mockumentary style and off-beat premise, the music is also far from standard sitcom fare. “There are no transitional cues in this series,” noted Hamilton. “Rather, we’re called on to produce environmental cues.”

For one recent episode, the news crew’s work took them to a variety of Miami area nightclubs, and in that instance, Hampton-Adair produced a variety of club music cues to support the environments. For another episode, the company created a drum circle for a scene centering on a drum circle performance.

“Because a lot of the show is improvised, it is hard to predict how much music or what type of music we are going to have to come up with,” Hamilton said.

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