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Harrison Announces Surround Broadcast Console

Harrison’s new Air 24/7 console system for broadcast and live digital mixing applications features networked control surfaces with integrated, high-resolution TFT graphic displays. Above each 8-fader channel strip grouping is a dedicated TFT displaying a real-time visual representation of each channel’s sound envelope and the audio parameters for that channel including dynamics, EQ, bus routing, panning, aux sends, input meters and the Harrison PreView with History waveform for each channel. For broadcast operations, the waveform is set to display a 20-second history for every channel, allowing an operator to scan the console to find sound from any source.

The Air 24/7’s small footprint and drop-through table surface design is tailored for small radio broadcast studios and is fully compliant with all surround formats. Control surface configurations include 8, 16, 24 and 32 faders with analog and digital inputs.

Multi-studio resource sharing cuts down on the cost of I/O by allowing several Air 24/7 consoles to share the same resources. The compact Harrison X-Range DSP engine and accompanying engine components translate to less rack space. Scalable mix-minus and auxiliary output busses allow more options in a smaller package. Harrison’s MirroredComputing and Self-Healing DSP options keep the console up and running.

The Air 24/7 is available with the LBC (Live/Broadcast) center panel, including a traditional monitoring section for stereo, 5.1 and dedicated cue/studio controls.

For more information on the Air 24/7 product line and other Harrison products, visit