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HK Audio Expands Its Elements Line Array Range in the U.S.

HK Audio has expanded its Elements line of modular portable line array, with new Elements Plus modules. The new modules expand upon the capabilities and applications for which the Elements system was originally designed. They also reduce the number of components needed for fixed installations.

The Elements System merges modern line array technology with ultra-compact P.A. systems. Users can configure a system as needed with components that are lightweight, compact and easily combined. HK Audio’s proprietary E-Connect integrated signal routing system is designed to enable larger setups to be performance-ready in just a few minutes with minimal cabling. Elements can be configured for anything from intimate speaking engagements to multi-instrumental concerts. Due to their modular nature, Elements systems can be expanded as needs change, or quickly reconfigured for specific tasks.

The E835 Elements Plus module ($699 street) is a midrange/high-frequency unit based on line array technology. It is made from extruded aluminum and promises a rich, even sound field. It includes eight speakers and can handle 300 watts at 8 ohms impedance. Designed to provide even greater flexibility when setting up larger systems, the E835 minimizes the number of mechanical connections needed, while providing greater power than the existing E435 (four speaker unit), but they both share identical design and tuning, for seamless integration in the same system.

The E210 SUB A subwoofer ($1,999 street) comes equipped with two 1,200W amplifiers. Power amp number one drives two internal 10-inch woofers, or can split power between itself and an identical passive sub (SUB1200; $899 street). The second power amp delivers up to 900 W at 4 ohms to drive up to three E835s (or six E435s).

The Elements E435 Install Kit ($899 street) facilitates simple and inconspicuous wall installation. It comprises two modified E435 midrange/high-frequency units, complete with mounting yokes. Additional E435s or E835s can be sandwiched in for a longer line array and better coverage. An Elements system can be adjusted on mounting yokes up to 180 degrees horizontally, then easily and quickly locked into place.

The Elements E435 A Install Kit ($1,099 street), an active version of the Install Kit, comprises one custom E435 midrange/high-frequency unit and an EA600IL 600W amplifier, with mounting hardware. This turns it into an active array that can power either an additional three E 435s, or a combination of one E435 and one E835.

HK Audio Elements Plus components are now available at select retailers with U.S.

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