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Hollyview Sound Opens With Solid State Logic AWS 900

Los Angeles-based guitarist and songwriter Douglas Gorlin (pictured) has chosen a Solid State Logic AWS 900 Analogue Workstation System as the centerpiece of his new recording studio, Hollyview Sound. Designed by Vincent Van Haaff of Waterland Design, Hollyview Sound features an abundance of vintage instruments, amplifiers and recording equipment, as well as breathtaking views of Laurel Canyon and plenty of natural light.

“If you’re going to build a real studio, you should install real, professional equipment,” Gorlin states. “Every production house, mix engineer and producer whose work I like has a console, and it’s usually an SSL. In pursuit of my ultimate goal, I knew there was no other way to go.

“I’ve had DAW controllers,” Gorlin continues, “and they’re just empty boxes. They don’t process audio; they’re just glorified mouses. I’ve worked with DAWs for several years, and neither I nor anybody I know can ever get a good mix inside the computer, nothing that I was ever happy with. It just never sounded right.

“It’s all about the sonic fidelity,” he adds, “and also time. I was finding that I would spend so much time mixing something on a DAW. I would do five or 10 mixes and not be happy with any of them. With one mix on the SSL, it’s better than anything I ever did in the computer. That was as much of a selling point as anything I could imagine.

“The analog aspect of the console translates the mix to our ears in a way that is so easy to work with,” Gorlin concludes. “When you’re in a tuned room with an SSL console, it becomes obvious what is wrong with a track or a mix, and how to fix it very quickly and easily. I decided to make this one of my contributions back to the music business: to make the music sound right again, to bring the classic sound back. That’s where I came from.”

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