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The Hollywood Edge: the EFX-Music Package

I fight for excellence on all of my films and I expect everyone on my crew and every product I use to do the same. Tod Maitland, Wylie Stateman and Lon

“I fight for excellence on all of my films and I expect everyone on my crew and every product I use to do the same. Tod Maitland, Wylie Stateman and Lon Bender, creators of The Holly- wood Edge, have been designing, recording and editing the sound on my films for years. They demand that same excellence. If anyone knows how to deliver top-notch Hollywood sound effects, The Hollywood Edge does!”
— Oliver Stone, director

Oliver Stone and Martin Scorsese are among the filmmakers who enthusiastically endorse the vast collections produced and compiled by the industry-wide, award-winning sound de-signers and editors from Soundelux and The Hollywood Edge.

The Hollywood Edge is the pre-eminent, internationally recognized producer and distributor of high-quality sound effects, production music and specialty audio hardware. With a library of more than 70 multidisc collections featuring a stunning array of hard-to-find sound effects and special field recordings, The Hollywood Edge offers the most comprehensive and most usable collection of effects libraries available anywhere, including the Premiere Edition, T.H.E. Music Library, Foley Sound Library, CitiTrax, Animal Trax, Cartoon Trax, Hi-tech & Top Secret Effects, Sound Designers Tool Kit, Soundelux Music Library, Wild Whirled Music Catalog, the Drone Set and Blow Tools.

Hollywood Edge Production Music

While the association with Soundelux, one of the leading post-production houses in the world, has cemented The Holly- wood Edge’s standing in the sound effects arena, not everyone is aware that the company also produces and distributes top-flight production music. Over the past few years, the company has delivered a stunning array of discs for a variety of applications including film, broadcast and Internet clients. Some of the best include the eponymous T.H.E. Music Library, the all-new Wild Whirled Music Catalog, the Nightingale Series (Latin Passion & Dance, The Christmas Collection, Techno, Orchestral Film & Score Vols. 1 and 2, and Power), the Matt Rollings disc and the Scene Creator Music library.

Announcing Soundelux Music

“The all-new Soundelux Music Series is way different from the rest,” says Ken Stateman, VP of The Hollywood Edge. “We discover our composers and recording artists in the ‘battlefield’ of music created for public consumption. This is the first record label-quality library in production music history. You know how production music always feels like ‘imitation’ music, or sounds like ‘so-and-so’ music. It’s all about composition. Soundelux Music is the ‘I have been waiting to hear this’ kind of music. The edge of what’s happening in every genre, because we compete for our music with the record labels. Finally, record label-quality production music.”

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