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The Hollywood Edge Releases Two New Sound Effects Collections

Sounds from the deepest corners of the basement to the furthest reaches of the galaxy are featured on two new sound effects collections available from The Hollywood Edge.

The Edge Edition III, the latest addition to The Hollywood Edge’s popular “Edge” Series, is a 6-CD or single-DVD collection designed especially for budget-minded users seeking to quickly build a library of high-quality, practical sounds. Created by award-winning Bulgarian sound designer Kamen Atanasov, the collection encompasses such categories as construction, offices, traffic and homes. Produced exclusively for The Hollywood Edge, the company states that “each and every sound conforms to the highest recording standards and is suitable for all production situations.”

“I find that old houses have lots of hidden sound treasures in their corners, basements and attics. I love all their creaky and squeaky objects,” says Atanasov. “We went to extraordinary lengths in order to discover and catch interesting, unique and dynamic sounds for The Edge Edition III.”

Created by Canadian sound maestro Bob Hart, Alien Machine Shop is a collection of more than 480 sounds with a decidedly otherworldly flavor. Employing incredible inventiveness, Hart and his team took raw elements and twisted, bent, scratched and hammered them into tension-filled, agitated forms. The resulting machine-like soundscapes are abnormal, mystifying, and discordant—jarring to the ear and unsettling to the mind. They are recommended for adding unease and tension to a scene or production.

“The idea was to create things that didn’t exist,” notes Hart. “I took my field recorder to factories and junkyards searching for interesting objects to bang together. Hitting a gas tank with a hammer is one thing—hitting it with a coil spring and an oil pan produces a different sound altogether. Especially at 30 below zero!”

Both collections—The Edge Edition III and Alien Machine Shop—are available now at