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Hosa Technology Introduces Astro-Grip Organizer

Hosa Technology’s latest solution to cable clutter and organization is the Astro-Grip Universal Hook & Loop Organizer (WTI-501; $13.75 for a 5-yard roll). It offers low-profile, back-to-back hook and loop material for improving the appearance and performance of stage and studio setups.

Hosa’s Astro-Grip is a continuous strap with hooks on one side and loops on the other. It measures 5 yards long by .75 inches wide and marked every 3 inches for ease of measuring. The strong and thin (0.39mm) nylon material enables the user to cut a strip to the desired length for the job at hand. Musicians can use short lengths to tie cables to keyboards or microphone stands. Similarly, longer lengths can help store speaker cables and stage snakes when not in use.

When bundling groups of cables, the new Astro-Grip offers the convenience of a center cable pass-through, but does not require the cable to be pulled through. This cable tie can be cinched down at any point along the cable by simply releasing the hook and loop piece on the top of the cable. It can also be wrapped around a single cable and then used to bundle the cable together after it is wound.

The organizer holds tight and releases with just a simple tug. Additionally, it can replace traditional tape in professional and consumer applications and leaves no residue when removed. Hosa states that the re-useable ties have a life cycle of more than 5,000 uses.

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