Rimage is now shipping its Producer 2000 Amigo, a single-drive, fully automated CD-R publishing system. The company has booked $1 million in orders for

Rimage is now shipping its Producer 2000 Amigo, a single-drive, fully automated CD-R publishing system. The company has booked $1 million in orders for the Amigo, which features an 8x speed recorder and can burn a full CD in less than ten minutes. Visit Engineering offers a range of power distribution systems that provide current protection, EMI/RFI filtering, and spike and surge suppression. The T8S series rackmount units offer individual on/off control over eight outlets in a 1u steel chassis. Call 800/870-2248 or visit Audio Metrics DA16000.b analog distribution amplifier from Harris Broadcast Systems may be configured as a quad 1x4, two 2x8s or one 1x16. The unit offers individual level control of the four inputs and 16 outputs, and each input features a four-LED meter. Phoenix(r)-style removable connectors speed installation. Call 800/622-0022 or visit latest additions to the Marantz Professional range of CD players from Superscope Technologies are capable of playing CD-RW discs. Additional features include multifunction cueing facility, a ten-digit keypad for access to up to 99 tracks, 21 preset functions, digital pitch control (+/-12%) and scrolling CD-TEXT in five languages. Outputs include RCA analog, SPDIF digital co-ax and RC5 remote I/O. XLRs are available on some models. Call 630/820-4800 or visit has introduced the C2 stereo compressor, a half-rack unit that retails for $399.99. The company has also cut prices on the VC1 Studio Channel and SC2.2 stereo compressor to $799.99. Call u.S. distributors PMI Audio Group at 877/563-6335 or click on DAA-50 handheld digital audio analyzer from CRL Systems receives and decodes audio data according to AES/EBu, IEC958, S/PDIF and EIAJCP-340 international standards, identifies the format via front-panel LEDs, provides status information and checks for errors. Containing a D-to-A converter that allows the user to monitor the signal via headphones, the DAA-50 can be powered from an AC/DC power supply or rechargeable batteries. Operating sample frequency range is 25-55 kHz; price is $500. Call 800/535-7648...The Multi-Format Monitor Selector from The Desk Doctor is a stand-alone monitor section that provides a simple way to switch among various monitoring formats, including 5.1, 7.1 and LCRS. The system, which will interface with any console, consists of a rackmount format selector panel and matching handheld remote unit with volume control and mute switch. Additional features include Pec/Direct switching for film applications, format "Fold Downs" for compatibility checking, MIDI control, and surround processor insert capability. All audio connections are made via DB-25 connectors. Call 818/848-8065 or surf to Console Inc. offers a range of premanufactured console frames tailored to the dimensions of small- and medium-format consoles from a variety of manufacturers. Shipped flat, the units may be assembled easily on site-no cutting, drilling or glue required. For a color catalog of console frames, outboard racks, speaker stands and producers' desks, call 800/315-0878 or click on has upgraded its software for the MultiMAX multichannel monitor controller, which may be integrated with any stereo mixing console to add monitoring for 8-channel surround, 7.1, 5.1 and LCRS. New software features allow the user to select any one of five SPL range displays, extends the level range by 30 dB and adds a Wide Inputs Interlock mode that permits all five 8-channel inputs to be selected in any combination, or in an exclusive, interlocking mode. Call 800/582-3555 or visit the Martinsound Web site at