DH Labs celebrated its 10th anniversary by adding to its Silver Sonic line of audio/video cables. New products include Q-10 4-conductor speaker cable,

DH Labs celebrated its 10th anniversary by adding to its SilverSonic line of audio/video cables. New products include Q-104-conductor speaker cable, Deluxe Toslink optical cable, Subsonicsubwoofer cable and a wide range of matching connectors. Contact DHLabs at 561/745-6406 or click on

Pro Audio Design (PAD) offers the TDD Surround Panning Module forSSL 4000, 6000 and 8000 Series consoles. Developed jointly with theDesk Doctor, the upgrade replaces the existing panpot and, by means ofa modification to the console center section, allows surround panningfrom any module. Cost: approximately $550/channel. Call 781/982-2600 orsurf to

Flashpoint Studios' royalty-free music CDAnomaly wascreated by composer David Helpling, and features 16 cuts in bothfull-length and one-minute “broadcast-length” versions.Genres include ethno pop, jazz, neo orchestral, inspired Celtic andambient pulse, and the disc can be previewed or purchased for $169

HHB has launched a new range of double-coated metal-particle DTRStapes. Available in three lengths, the HHB DA30DC, DA60DC andDA113DC are officially approved by Tascam for both conventional 16-bitand high-resolution DTRS recording applications. HHB is also now theU.S. distributor for the entire TL Audio Valve Classics range ofhigh-end, tube-driven audio processors. Call 310/319-1111 or visit

Finale: An Easy Guide to Music Notation from BerkleePress is the definitive independent guide to the popular musicnotation program. Written by music educator Thomas E. Rudolph andproducer/engineer Vincent A. Leonard Jr., the book includes aMacintosh/Windows-compatible CD-ROM containing tutorials, professionaltemplates and dynamics, and general MIDI libraries. The $49.95 book maybe ordered from their Website at, or call 617/747-2146

The latest catalog from MilesTek features over 50 pages of testand interconnection products for audio, video and computer networkapplications. Over a dozen product categories include tools, cablemanagement products, equipment racks and video mounts. Call800/524-7444 or order online at