EMTEC Pro Media's repackaged Studio Master 900 maxima analog tape now includes new reels with an artistic swirl pattern, and each reel of SM 900 now comes

EMTEC Pro Media's repackaged Studio Master 900 maxima analog tape now includes new “Blu(e)” reels with an artistic swirl pattern, and each reel of SM 900 now comes equipped with a sturdier tape collar and includes two EMTEC ceramic-plated CD-R master discs. Call 888/295-5551 or visit www.emtec-usa.comThe German Sound Library includes recent recordings of common sounds from German life, as well as some sounds that have never been available on CD. Surf to www.soundlibraries.comMaxell's CD-Rpro™ 700MB discs are ideal for archiving original material and master mixes. Featuring a triple coating, CD-Rpro discs have an archival life of 100 years and are compatible with high-speed recorders with up to 16x write speeds. Maxell also offers new 10x CD-RW discs that enable recording speeds of more than 1.5 MB/sec. Call 201/796-8790 for more info…Hannay AVX Series reels are specifically designed for pro audio applications and feature welded channels that allow reels to be stacked for storage and transportation. A slotted divider disc allows pigtails to be stored safely, and an adjust-able friction brake prevents unexpected unspooling. Call 877/GOREELS or visit www.hannay.comEASE 4.0 sound system simulation software from Renkus-Heinz is designed by Acoustical Design Ahnert (ADA) and features a new intuitive interface incorporating icons, improved menus, and “wizards” that help create new projects and simplify mapping and ray- tracing functions. A new Objects function allows objects to be imported, duplicated, rotated and moved in three axes. Also new are added phase data, a complex acoustical mapping module, an architectural rendering module, and new Texture and Light Source Editors. Call 616/687-8848 or visit www.renkus-heinz.comRadial Engineering's revised JDI direct box (now $200) adds functionality while reducing manufacturing costs. The JDI Mk3 now features a polarity reverse, a Merge function that combines two inputs, and a parallel speaker-level input with HF roll-off for an “amped” sound. Call 604/942-1001 for Radial's latest product catalog or visit www.radialeng.comThe Discrete Drums library of drum sounds consists of nine CD-ROMs containing 31 performances mixed to eight discrete tracks, plus two stereo CDs for auditioning songs and a single CD-ROM with .AIFF samples of individual hits. The 12-CD Professional Set is $299; a 4-CD Limited Edition set (15 mixable tracks) is $179. Call 800/387-5720 or visit has released two new video titles:Understanding MIDIandUnderstanding Samplers and Sampling. Both VHS-format tapes cover the basics, include advanced user tips from instructor David Wills and are priced at $19.95. Call 707/554-1935 or visit www.artistpro.comTheA/B CDaudio CD has more than 52 minutes of A/B comparisons in 15 categories of recording technologies and techniques. For example, the CD presents the sounds of digital vs. analog recorders, condenser vs. dynamic mics, tube vs. solid-state preamps, and a Stradivarius violin vs. a “standard” violin. The A/B CD costs $34.95, and may be ordered by phone at 866/877-ABCD or online at's Version 2.0 software for the MX-2424 24-track, 24-bit hard disk recorder has been updated to allow MX-2424 users to record 12 tracks of 24-bit/96kHz audio in addition to 24 tracks of 24-bit/48kHz. Version 2.0 release also provides compatibility with the HFS+ Macintosh drive format. The software is available free to all registered MX-2424 owners, downloadable from and www.tascam.comFirstCom Music offers theGaleriesound library, a 40-CD collection of production music from France. Covering themes from Minimalism to Electro Surf, and including such volumes as jazz, rock, Circus and Accordion, the Galerie collection will swell by another 12 volumes in 2001. FirstCom also offers the 10-CD Velocity collection of contemporary music. Call 800/858-8880 or visit