Martinsound's The Secrets of Doing Surround Sound on Your Existing Console is now available. To get your free copy, call 800/582-3555 or e-mail

Martinsound's The Secrets of Doing Surround Sound on Your Existing Console is now available. To get your free copy, call 800/582-3555 or e-mail New CD sound effects libraries from The Hollywood Edge include Chase Scene Elements, Patricio Liebenson's "Explosions Signature" Series, Martial Arts and Human Impacts (with "realistic bone-breaking punches" and "bloodcurdling yells") and Busted Effects and Most Wanted, a "gleefully gruesome collection" of strange effects. Call 323/603-3226 or visit C Audio Pulse 4 x 300W switched-mode amplifier has won THX approval. Call 615/360-0277 or visit Sound and Vision has released Concept: FX2, the company's second sound effects CD-ROM. Featuring 305 royalty-free sound effects in both AIFF and .WAV formats, the disc is Mac- and PC-compatible. Price is $69.95. Call 813/991-4117 or visit 2 Hues has released four new production music and effects CDs: Caribbean Dreams and Folkstyles join the 20 existing CDs in the royalty-free music collection. Winter Wonderland features all the classic holiday tunes in arrangements for flute, guitar, saxophone and piano and is royalty free. The X-Attack Series CD is a 99-track collection of zaps, zings, zonks and more. Call 888/821-7515 or visit ...TRF Production Music Libraries debuts the Stock Production Music Library, with the first 13 stock CDs including Motivational, High Energy, Corporate, Sports/Action, Fashion, Dance, Children & Comedy, Science, Celtic (Irish), Sensual, Dramatic/Tension and '70s Soundalikes. Stock CDs each offer more than 70 minutes of music, and all include 60-, 30-, 20- and 10-second versions. Call 800/899-MUSIC or visit 4.1 software for Tascam's MMR-8 and MMP-16 modular multitrack recorder/player systems adds support for playback of files from the Fairlight MFX digital workstation, dual SCSI operation and improved bi-phase and 9-pin serial performance. Call 323/726-0303 or visit Pro Media will offer BASF Formatted DTRS Master tape for Tascam's DA-38, DA-88 and DA-98 recorders, as well as Sony's PCM-800. The formatted DTRS tape will be available in a 113-minute, 44.1kHz format in January 2000. Other lengths and 48kHz sampling rate products will follow. Call 888/295-5551 or visit Lexicon MPX 1 Multi-Effects Processor has been reduced to $899. Lexicon also introduced a Surround Cart for the 480L Digital Effects System. Call 781/280-0300 or visit TOA Electronics has reduced prices of the DACsys II line of DSP units. The DP-0202 is now reduced by 40%, the DP-0204 by 30%. And TOA's 1999 Product Guide and Specification Library on CD is now available. Call 800/733-7088 or visit for your free copy...Recent books from Howard W. Sams include Basic Modulation Principles by Irving M. Gottlieb and Designing Power Amplifiers by Stephen Kamichik. Call 800/428-SAMS or visit Tools' expanded Master Sourcebook for 1999/2000, a 160-page color catalog, is available free. Call 800/426-1194 or visit