QSC Audio Products has gained THX certification for two models in the ISA Installed System Amplifier Series. In addition to the THX-certified ISA 450

QSC Audio Products has gained THX certification for two models in the ISA Installed System Amplifier Series. In addition to the THX-certified ISA 450 and 750 low-impedance models, the ISA Series includes three “T” versions with 25-, 70- and 100-volt outputs for distributed audio systems. For more information, visit… Tascam announces that the MX-2424 24-track, 24-bit hard disk recorder will now support the Sony P-2 9-pin protocol. A Version 2.0 software update allows users to record 12 tracks of 24-bit/96kHz audio on the MX-2424, in addition to the currently available 24 tracks of 24-bit/48kHz. The V.2.0 release also provides compatibility with the HFS+ Macintosh drive format. Visit… Lexicon has announced a new software upgrade kit for the MPX-500. Available through Lexicon's authorized dealer network or online at, Version 2 software can be purchased for $119. The upgrade includes a dedicated compressor, improved input-level meters, 250 factory presets and an expanded user bank. Visit www.lexicon.comSound & Video Contractor has published the Residential Contractor's Product Source Guide 2001, a 28-page listing of audio and video components and systems aimed at the fast-growing residential market. Call 800/441-0294 or visit… Eventide is now shipping a new and improved version of its DSP4000B Ultra-Harmonizer®. The DSP4000B+ includes all of the previous model's presets plus several new features, including 24-bit A/D conversion at 96 kHz. Call 201/641-1200 or visit… Solid State Logic has published its latest “Directory,” a listing of SSL-equipped facilities worldwide. Containing over 1,000 entries, “The Directory” is regularly updated online at and is also available from SSL; contact… Genex has introduced two new 8-channel AD/DA converters, the GXA8 and GXD8, which support 16, 20 and 24-bit depths at sampling rates of up to 192 kHz, including the standard 44.1 and 48kHz rates. Additionally, the GXA8 and GXD8 can be equipped to support DSD, and optional cards configure the converters for AES, SDIF-2, ADAT, TDIF and workstation digital audio formats. Call 310/319-1111 or surf to… Radio Design Labs has released its 2001 catalog. Containing over 80 pages of application-specific audio, video and control modules, the catalog is published in both booklet and CD-ROM form. Call 800/281-2683 or visit… Dolby Laboratories has introduced Version 2.0 software for the DP569 Dolby Digital Encoder. Free to existing DP569 users, the software may be requested from… Audio-Technica has debuted a new range of RF cables, UHF antennas and UHF distribution systems for A-T and other manufacturers' wireless systems operating in the 600 or 700MHz ranges. A-T has also expanded its U100 Series UHF wireless systems to include systems with 100 frequencies in the 600MHz range. Call 330/686-2600 or visit… Martinsound has reduced the price of its MultiMAX EX multiformat monitor controller by approximately 10% to $2,795. Call 800/582-3555 or visit