Tascam's Version 3.0 software for the MMR-8 and MMP-16 modular multitrack recorder/player features playback support for Akai DD-8 and Zaxcom Deva files,

Tascam's Version 3.0 software for the MMR-8 and MMP-16 modular multitrack recorder/player features playback support for Akai DD-8 and Zaxcom Deva files, MIDI Machine Control, varispeed and Serial Transport modes and an optimized SCSI driver. The free software can be downloaded from www.tascam. com...Metro Music Productions has released "The Big Red M," a new 99-track volume in the 3-CD Hot Spots collection of 30-second music beds. Call 212/229-1700...CRC Press offers the Comprehensive Dictionary of Electrical Engineering and the AC Power Systems Handbook. Call 800/272-7737 or visit www.crcpress. com...Nemysys Music Technology has introduced a 512 voice, 40-gigabyte sampler. A fully configured system provides 40 gigabytes of sampling (expandable to 72.8 GB), 512 voices of up to 4GB in size, and 48 output channels of 20- or 24-bit audio. Call 310/470-2231 or visit Electronic's UnitY card for the Yamaha 02R digital console now also offers TC's Finalizer studio mastering technology and 24-bit ADAT/TDIF I/O hardware. Call 805/373-1828 or visit Publications offers Practical Acoustics, an in-depth study of the science, by Stephen Kamichik. Other available books: Simplified Digital Signal Processing, Electronic Circuit Guidebook Volume 5: Digital Circuits and the Semiconductor Cross Reference CD-ROM. Call 800/428-7267...For a data sheet describing applications for sound absorbing panels in challenging acoustic environments, call Eckel Industries at 617/491-3221 or visit Sound's Total Stereo Session Drums CD has been remapped for E-mu samplers by Alternate Mode. Call 800/222-4700 or visit NetWell Noise Control's Fireflex Class A, fire-rated, sound absorbing foam panels are designed for wall application and are supplied in 2x4-foot sheets. Call 800/638-9355 for free samples and spec sheets...Wireworks TEC256 Multipin Cable Tester won a Sound Product of the Year/Honorable Mention awarded by Lighting Dimensions and Entertainment Design magazines at the recent LDI98 trade show...Independent Audio now distributes mics from Pearl Lab of Sweden. Call 207/773-2424...New accessories from Rolls: the MX54 Pro-Mix III is a 3-channel mic mixer; the MX56 Playmate mixes two 11/44-inch line or instrument signals, two RCA inputs and a single mic input, outputting via 11/44-inch and RCA connectors; the MB15 Matchbox II converts stereo unbalanced signals at -10 levels to balanced stereo line-level signals at +4 levels, and vice versa. Call 801/263-9053 or visit a cybertour of the Svetlana vacuum tube manufacturing plant in St. Petersburg, Russia. Click on www.svetlana. com...Belden Wire & Cable Company has introduced three new products in the Brilliance[superscript]R family of cables for audio and broadcast markets, including a new audio snake cable. For more information, call 800/BELDEN-4 or visit 1999 CAIG Laboratories Catalog lists a range of products suitable for cleaning and protecting electrical contacts and connectors. Call 619/486-8388 or visit's Axiom-MT digital console now reads SL 4000 G and SL 9000 J Series automation data. Channel and group fader, and CUT automation data from mixes done on SL 4000 G and SL 9000 J consoles is readable by the Axiom-MT, and track lists, cue lists and snapshot data can be imported from SL 9000 J consoles.