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iClips, GenAudio Team Up for Enhanced Widespread Panic Webcast This Weekend

The Widespread Panic live concert event Webcast, June 24–26 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, will be presented in AstoundSound. iClips, a leading provider of live concert event broadcasting, and GenAudio Inc., developer of AstoundSound 3-D spatial audio software, have teamed up to enhance iClips’ Webcast audio content.

The AstoundSound special software implementation for live events, called AstoundLive, enables processing and mixing of any audio output that is split-off from the front-of-house and fed as multiple mono and stereo inputs. The processed audio is then synchronized with the video recording in real-time. This enables fans to experience a 3-D audio listening experience during the Webcast. No special hardware is required. Any two speakers or headphones will enable Webcast viewers to enjoy the “Astounded” stereo mix in real-time as the live event is being broadcast.

Although it isn’t necessary, GenAudio recommends using a good set of headphones or external computer speakers for optimal 3-D audio listening.

“We are excited to be utilizing this audio technology,” says iClips founder and CEO, Nate Parienti. “After a successful test drive of the AstoundSound technology during our stream of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, in conjunction with AEG Network Live, we realized that we wanted to utilize AstoundSound in our other Webcasts as well; it’s a real game changer in audio for live event broadcasting.”

The AstoundLive software uses unique digital audio filters based on measurements of actual human brain response. GenAudio states that the processed 3-D audio remains in-phase, center channel imaging is not affected, and the resulting processed audio has no tone colorization. These characteristics are unique to the AstoundSound technology.

“We see our new relationship with iClips as the key for bringing AstoundSound into the live event space thanks to the introduction from John Rubey, president of AEG Network Live,” says founder, chairman and CEO, Jerry Mahabub. “Widespread Panic fans viewing the Webcast will be able to hear the event as if they are at the concert venue, thanks to our ‘Astounding’ 3-D audio processing.”

For additional information about the Widespread Panic Webcast, and to gain access to it, visit

For information on GenAudio’s AstoundSound, visit and read Kevin Becka’s ‘On the Cover’ story about GenAudio for Mix‘s April 2011 issue.