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Image Line Software Announces Maximus

Image Line Software, the developer of FL Studio based in Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium, introduces Multiband Maximizer Maximus software ($189) for Windows XP/Vista. It combines a high-quality Maximizer, compressor, limiter, noise gate, expander, ducker and de-esser, and can be used either as a mastering plug-in or as a per-track effect.

To enhance and improve the final track, Maximus applies level maximization via compression and/or limiting across high, mid- and low frequency bands. It passes the input signal through a variable highpass filter and splits it into three frequency bands.

Maximus comes with four independent compression envelopes, one for each of the three bands as well as the Master envelope (applied to the combined output of the three sub-bands). Compressing key frequency bands independently allows Maximus to avoid pumping effects that can arise when compression is applied to the entire frequency spectrum. In the end, this means more transparent compression or louder maximization depending on the user’s needs. The fully editable compression curve for each of the four compressors allows Maximus to create any shaped knee or special compression effect.

Maximus can be ordered from the FL Studio Web shop. A fully functional demo is available at