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Immediatek Acquires DiscLive

DiscLive is alive—well, it was bought by Immediatek and the company’s key management personnel joined Immediatek’s management team.

DiscLive is run by president Sami Valkonen, former senior VP of new media at music giant BMG, and by CEO Rich Isaacson, co-founder and former president of Loud Records, which is now part of Sony Music Entertainment. Zach Bair, founder and CEO of Immediatek, said that DiscLive will be run as a wholly owned subsidiary of Immediatek. According to Bair, DiscLive’s spring tours are expected to generate revenues of approximately $500,000 for the newly combined company.

“DiscLive represents the next phase in the growth of Immediatek and our plan to secure scalable technology and a natural extension of our NetBurn Secure platform,’” said Bair. “Not only will fans receive instantly collectable CDs as they leave a performance, but artists and labels will now have the ability to have those CDs copy controlled with our technology to help the artists and labels preserve much needed revenue.” Discs ordered from DiscLive’s Website can now be offered as NetBurns for instant electronic delivery.

Rich Isaacson, CEO of DiscLive, added, “We are thrilled to join Immediatek and together ensure that artists and record labels have more choices about how, where and by whom their music is sold. With Immediatek, we are now in a position to improve our artist and label-friendly proposition even further.”

In other on-the-spot CD-burning news, Immediatek has formed a strategic alliance with Moving Records, which was profiled in our July 2004 issue. (To read the feature, click here)

This move combines the mass duplication and automation capabilities of DiscLive with the mobile audio engineering strengths of Moving Records. Mix will continue to explore this fast-exploding division of live recordings/CD burning as issues and stories development. Perhaps we may end up seeing a head-to-head competitive showdown between this three-part-harmony and Clear Channel’s Instant Live program. Stay tuned!

—Sarah Benzuly