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Industry News, October 2008

Read Mix October 2008 Coverage on New Hires, Promotions, Distribution Deals in Pro Audio

Jonathan Firstenberg

Jonathan Firstenberg has been promoted to VP, business development at Universal Publishing Production Music (L.A.)…New York City-based Sterling Sound has promoted Jay Franco to mastering engineer. In more promotion news, Christopher (Kimo) Kemp climbs the ladder at Elias Arts (Santa Monica, CA) and is now associate creative director…New composers at Modern Music (Minneapolis): John Hermanson and Eric Fawcett…Euphonix (Palo Alto, CA) named Mike Franklin to executive VP of worldwide sales…Fairlight US’ (Pasadena, CA) new national sales manager is Jeff Goodman…Bob Romero is Clear-Com‘s (Alameda, CA) new global customer operations director…Distribution deals: Radian Audio Engineering (Orange, CA) appointed On the Road Marketing (New England, metropolitan New York) and Ark Productions and Marketing (Upstate New York); Dale Pro Audio (NYC) is master distributor for Linear Acoustic‘s (Lancaster, PA) range of gear; and all TRUE Systems (Tucson, AZ) products will be distributed in Germany, Austria and most of the EU by Synthax Audio AG.