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InnovaSon Announces Record Sales in France

Digital console manufacturer InnovaSon reports record sales in France during 2006. InnovaSon consoles have been purchased for tours and events throughout the French territory, including the blockbuster musical Le Roi Soleil (which used a three-console configuration on an EtherSound network); jazz/folk artist Sanseverino (pictured; front-of-house and monitors); up-and-coming artists Da Silva and Jeanne Cherhal; and French national icon Francis Cabrel.

InnovaSon consoles are also finding their way into more fixed installations, including theaters and performing arts centers, and into the live broadcast sector. Radio France has several consoles, including two Sy80s, and will take delivery of a new Sy48.

“The demand for digital consoles is clearly on the increase,” says InnovaSon sales and marketing director Xavier Pion, “and the fact that our consoles are EtherSound-enabled offers networking capabilities that more and more of our customers are using to their advantage, both in fixed installations and increasingly in the live arena, as well. The sound quality is second to none, and the desks are lightweight and easy to use and configure. Setting up is extremely quick and simple: one Cat-5 cable replaces an entire multicore, which saves enormously in weight and set-up timeā€”all of which means that an InnovaSon console today offers rental companies a very attractive return on their investment.

“I’d say that training has been the key to our recent success,” Pion continues. “We’re even getting demands direct from bands and orchestras specializing in corporate work who own their own gear. In France alone we trained over 250 sound engineers on our consoles last year, and we’re looking to repeat that in 2007. We will also be working with our distributors and satellite offices to offer training throughout the Europe and the U.S.”

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