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InnovaSon Sy80 Consoles Used in Major Greek Festival

The 38th Thessaloniki Song Festival took place in the POAK Sports Arena in the city of Thessaloniki in northern Greece in early November 2006. Athens-based audio production specialists and InnovaSon distributor, Enttech S.A., handled the show’s audio requirements. Enttech specified and purchased three InnovaSon Sy80 digital mixing consoles especially for the event, all of which were run on an EtherSound network.

The configuration required one Sy80 console at front-of-house, one on monitors and a third for broadcast. A 56-mic input Stage-Box acted as a microphone splitter for all three consoles, and a 48-mic input, 8-output DioCore (an EtherSound-enabled Stage-Box) also distributed microphone signals to all three consoles over EtherSound via Cat-5, rather than the fiber-optic or coaxial links used for the Stage-Box. All talkback channels were also handled over EtherSound. The monitor console acted as the primary EtherSound master and as the Stage-Box master. Enttech also supplied a backup system comprising an Sy80 primary master console for FOH and Sy48 broadcast console, plus a Stage-Box and a DioCore, all on a separate independent network.

According to monitor engineer Elias Trintis, who was also responsible for setting up the consoles in conjunction with InnovaSon’s Matthieu Le Failler, the entire show ran like clockwork. “I’ve been using INNOVASON consoles for five years now and always enjoyed working on them. With Matthieu’s help, we got the whole thing up and running perfectly in just three hours without a single hitch.”

Enttech’s managing director, Yiannis Papoutsakis, was equally pleased. “The show did sound excellent, and I’d like to add my personal thanks to InnovaSon, who worked around the clock to make it happen. I placed my order on a Friday and the consoles were with us by the following Thursday for the festival on Saturday.”

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