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Inward Connections Debuts TSL-4 Stereo Tube Limiter

M1 Distribution, a leading International distributor of high-end boutique recording equipment, announces the release of the Inward Connections TSL-4 Stereo Tube Limiter ($4,440 MSRP), available through select M1 Dealers worldwide, including sister company Vintage King Audio. The TSL-4 replaces the Inward Connections TSL-3.

The TSL-4 is the next in Inward Connections’ line of Tube Limiter Modules, which were initially developed by Steve Firlotte nearly 20 years ago for the company’s Vac Rac modular processing system. When the Vac Rac system was discontinued, the TLM configuration was redeveloped as a stand-alone, dual-channel unit. The TSL-4 is the latest incarnation of this classic design, adding new features without altering the module’s signature sonic characteristics.

New features of the TSL-4 include transformer-balanced outputs, 100Hz highpass filter in the gain reduction circuit, 40-detent potentiometers for Reduction and Gain Makeup controls, and cream-colored knobs. The TSL-4 also retains most of its predecessor’s classic attributes, such as the 6072A tube input stage, 12BH7A tube output stage, tube-based high voltage internal power supply, gain reduction bypass switch, meter function switch, stereo link switch and large illuminated VU meters.

For a complete list of features and specifications visit Inward Connections TSL-4 Vac Rac page.

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