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iZotope Announces Ozone 5, Ozone 5 Advanced

At the recently completed 2011 AES Convention in New York City, iZotope Inc. announced Ozone 5 Advanced as well as Ozone 5, an update to its critically acclaimed software-mastering suite. At the AES show, iZotope offered an exclusive preview of Ozone 5 Advanced, which was named a Mix Certified Hit by Mix magazine technical editor Kevin Becka.

iZotope states that it greatly expanded Ozone 5’s modules with a focus on pristine sound, enhanced DSP, optimized workflow, and an updated interface. Ozone 5 Advanced builds on the product line’s reputation for superior sound quality with extended features and controls, including new innovations in visual feedback.

“Whether you’re a musician, engineer, or mastering pro, Ozone 5 lets you master music and other audio simply and efficiently,” says Nick Dika, iZotope senior product manager. “Ozone 5 is the biggest update we’ve ever offered, with improvements that will appeal to Ozone experts and new users alike. Ozone 5 Advanced is designed to set a new industry standard for mastering tools. Advanced includes many exclusive features, and offers mixing and mastering engineers an even higher level of flexibility, precision and control.”

iZotope states that Ozone 4 customers who purchased after October 1, 2011 will receive a free upgrade to Ozone 5 upon release, and that special upgrade pricing will be available for all previous Ozone customers.

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