iZotope Launches Suite of iOS SDKs for Audio Effects


iZotope Inc. in Cambridge, Mass., announces the release of six iOS software developer kits (SDKs) and a free guide to audio programming for iOS. iZotope has already licensed audio DSP technology to clients such as Smule for I Am T-Pain, Audiofile Engineering for FiRe and FiRe 2, and Sonoma Wire Works for GuitarTone.

"By releasing licensable SDKs and a free guide for iOS Audio development, iZotope is providing iOS developers with high-quality, easy-to-use audio effects and resources for their apps," says Alex Westner, iZotope's Director of Business Development. "With hundreds of thousands of applications being released into the market every month, the world of mobile development has become an extremely competitive environment. Superior audio quality is essential for distinguishing top apps from the masses."

The company states that it is excited to bring tools to the market for the beginner and experienced developers alike.

Multiple SDKs provide access to professional audio effects spanning six kits:

Audio Repair: De-noising and audio clean up

DJ FX: Time and pitch control for single voiced instruments

Vocal FX: Pitch correction and vocal remover

Trash FX: 9 different box models and 11 distortion types

Fun FX: Fun vocal FX including tape stop and loud speaker

Core FX: EQ, dynamics, delay, reverb

Effects within the SDKs can apply to apps of all varieties, including apps for field recording, DJ remixing, karaoke singing, lecture recording, gaming, chatting and more. iZotope states that the SDKs are simple to use and come with detailed instructions on how to integrate them into your project.

In addition to the SDKs, developers get a free guide to audio programming for iOS, which provides a concise collection of information on using Core Audio in iOS, including how to use both Audio Queues and Audio Units, the two main methods in Core Audio for handling audio.

For pricing information on iZotope's iOS SDKs, contact iZotope Technical Sales Representative Scott Simon at scott.simon@izotope.com.

To learn more about iZotope's iOS SDKs or to download the iOS Audio Programming Guide, visit www.izotope.com/iOS. The iOS Audio Programming Guide can also be found via iBooks on an iPhone or iPad.