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iZotope Licenses Algorithms to Sonic Studio

iZotope Inc. announces that Sonic Studio of San Anselmo, Calif. is licensing iZotope’s MBIT+ dither and 64-bit SRC sample rate conversion algorithms for inclusion in Sonic Studio’s soundBlade Native application.

soundBlade is a general-purpose production tool designed to record, edit, process, restore and deliver audio on CD, DDP or
as AIFF, WAV or BWF files for further processing. soundBlade is well suited to handle mastering and is available in two versions: soundBlade Native and soundBlade Accelerated.

“Our installed [user] base expects the highest quality components in our products,” says Jayson Tomlin, Sonic Studio’s VP of business development. “Customers suggested that we work with iZotope and, after careful evaluation, we feel that this is a quality product. We’re proud to be working with iZotope and are glad to have them associated with Sonic Studio.”

The MBIT+ word length reduction algorithm features psychoacoustic noise shaping based on research performed with musical program material, as opposed to traditional test tones. It features several modes of noise shaping and provides the engineer with the final control.

The iZotope 64-bit SRC sample rate conversion algorithm features a steep filter designed to minimize the noise and aliasing caused by traditional approaches. Additionally, iZotope 64-bit SRC addresses the question of the pre-ringing and post-ringing caused by linear phase and minimum phase algorithms by allowing the engineer to decide. A new hybrid approach allows continuous control over the tradeoff of pre- and post-ringing, in addition to the controls over filter steepness versus ringing.

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