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J Walter Thompson Selects Genelec Monitors for New In-House Audio Post Facility

J Walter Thompson, one of the world’s foremost advertising agencies, has opened a new four-suite audio production and post-production complex on the third floor of its Manhattan headquarters. The new complex replaces the three audio suites that were previously housed on the building’s second floor.

The new surround mixing suite, the most recent of the four rooms to come online, features five Genelec 8040A bi-amplified active monitors and a Genelec 7070A active subwoofer in a 5.1 array. They join Genelec 1030A and 1031A monitors that migrated to the new facility. Thanks to Genelec, the monitoring at J Walter Thompson is accurate and consistent throughout the facility and is ready for a future that will be based on high-definition audio and video.

“You could say that the Genelec speakers allow us to ‘future-proof’ our studios, because the demand for high-definition multichannel sound is right around the corner,” says John Parthum, chief audio engineer at J Walter Thompson and designer of the new audio suites. “We’ve been using Genelec speakers for four years now.”

The sale of the Genelec monitors, as well as other key pieces of new equipment, was handled by VCA Fusion in New York. “J Walter Thompson sought to achieve the most efficient workflow possible,” explains David Prentice, systems sales engineer at VCA Fusion. “The Genelec speakers enhance this by giving the facility consistent and accurate monitoring from room to room. Engineers everywhere accept Genelecs, and that establishes a repeatable and reliable soundfield in any type of room, in any facility. That’s a great advantage as we move forward into an all-digital broadcasting environment.”

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