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Jazzmutant Announces Price Drops, Lemur Version 2

At this year’s Winter NAMM show, Jazzmutant unveiled the Version 2 software upgrade for its Lemur controller and announced price drops for both of its controllers, Lemur and Dexter.

Jazzmutantʼs controllers allow users to interact with their music, sequencers, light and sound. Both controllers offer multiple touch-sensitive surfaces. Dexter is aimed at DAW users, while the Lemur a more open-ended system that allows users to operate and manipulate a variety of sources.

The V. 2 software upgrade for the Lemur offers new objects and features that allow users to interact with sound and manipulate it in real time. Workflow improvements, scripting additions and other features allow the controller to be used more efficiently with popular software applications, particularly Ableton Live.

For a 60-day period that began with the start of the NAMM show, the V. 2-powered Lemur is available for $1,769. Jazzmutant will offer Dexter as a DAW-only controller at the permanently reduced price of $1,519. The company states that while crossgrading from Dexter to Lemur will no longer be possible, the crossgrade from Lemur to Dexter remains an option.

Jazzmutant also re-launched its online store, enabling users to buy the controllers directly from the company’s Website at