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JBL Professional Introduces CBT Series Line Array Columns

JBL Professional has introduced the CBT Series of passive line array columns: the CBT 50LA, the CBT 100 LA, the CBT 70J and the CBT 70JE. Each unit features Constant Beamwidth Technology circuitry that, according to the manufacturer, provides constant directivity coverage and audio clarity, in even the most difficult acoustical environments.

The CBT 50LA is a compact, 50cm-high column with a line of eight 2-inch drivers, while the taller CBT 100 LA is a straight, 100cm-high column with sixteen 2-inch drivers; the CBT 100 LA handles 325 watts of continuous pink noise for high output levels. Both units have low-saturation transformers, so that they can be used on 70V/100V distributed speaker lines or as low-impedance speakers.

Named for its J-shape, the CBT 70J is a two-way coaxial line array with 16 soft dome tweeters and four 5-inch woofers at a height of 70 cm. The J-shape of the array works in conjunction with the Constant Beamwidth Technology circuitry to provide asymmetrical coverage.

The CBT 70JE is an extension cabinet for the 70J, further extending the pattern control of the CBT 70J by doubling its height and thus lowering the frequency to which the speaker holds a consistent pattern of coverage and doubling the power handling. In addition, the 70JE increases the bass capability and extends the low-frequency response of the system to 1,000 W of continuous pink noise.

Users can adjust the coverage pattern of the CBT models by switching between Broad mode (designed for mid-throw situations) and Narrow mode (for long-throw applications); doing so allows the CBTs to meet the requirements of a broad range of applications. Furthermore, the CBT speakers offer Dynamic SonicGuard overload protection circuitry that reduces distortion at high drive levels, along with user variable voicing that allows you to select a flat frequency response or a midrange presence peak.

For more information, visit JBL’s CBT Series page.