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JBL Professional ScreenArray Cinema Technology Receives Third U.S. Patent

JBL Professional of Northridge, Calif. has been awarded U.S. patent protection on its ScreenArray cinema loudspeaker technology. This patent, the third for the ScreenArray family, applies to midrange array loudspeaker design for use with low-frequency and high-frequency modules in cinema or theater loudspeaker array systems.

The midrange module is configured with multiple drivers and a waveguide unit that provides uniform sound coverage throughout a theater auditorium, with crossovers at 250 Hz and 1.5 kHz, and with the vertical beam-width held substantially constant by an electrical filter network. The patent addresses the need for a loudspeaker system that is shallower than a conventional horn design, yet provides the frequency pattern control of the horn design and the selective frequency responses of array loudspeakers to satisfy the size, coverage and power requirements of a cinema or theater.

The ScreenArray systems feature true three-way design enhanced by advanced engineering. JBL Professional’s best technical innovations are integrated in a system design that provides superior coverage, maximum power handling and uniform acoustic power output, along with extremely low distortion. The company states that its ScreenArray design provides ideal power response and directivity control with seamless transitions between acoustic sections.

“We have seen many copies of the ScreenArray concepts appear,” says Mark Gander, vice president of marketing for JBL Professional. “The multiple patent protections, together with industry recognition by the receipt of a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, demonstrates that the benefits of these industry-leading innovations can only be obtained with authentic JBL ScreenArray product.”

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